How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account?

How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account?

Instagram is an application that is used by people daily. People have their accounts on Instagram and upload their photos or videos there, but all the people uploading might not follow Instagram community guidelines or might be offensive to other users. In such cases, users report to the post or account and Instagram takes action on it. Instagram gets thousands of reports on accounts daily but it did not ban or delete every account immediately, so How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account? If you are trying to solve this problem we are here with the solution for you. In this post, we are going to explain the topic of How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account. If you are an Instagram user then you can other users too should be aware of the information. So if you are an Instagram user or want to learn about the information then you must check this useful information here. 


Everyone who uses the internet has heard of Instagram and almost every internet user has used it. Instagram is a free, online photo and video sharing application and social network platform. You can edit and post your images or videos. Users have the option to add a caption to each of their posts and use hashtags in it to make them searchable by other users within the app. The application was acquired by Facebook in 2012. 

How Many Reports To Delete Instagram Account 

Does an Instagram post get deleted if it gets 100 reports or 50? No! More or fewer users have various numbers they believe that with that number an Instagram account gets deleted. But the simplest answer to the question How Many Reports Is Needed To Delete An Instagram Account is that “Nobody Knows”!! Yes! Instagram hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the number of reports that can result in deleting or disabling an Instagram account. 

Here are some of the situations that will help you to understand How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account in different situations or the number of reports doesn’t matter in that situation. 

Instant Action

If someone has reported an Instagram account that is violating Instagram community guidelines then it may no longer take Instagram to take down that post or account instantly. Violating Instagram community guidelines includes posting spam or pornography etc. 

No Action

When people report on things like harassment or bullying then Instagram takes much time to take action on that post or account. The number of reports will not matter till Instagram makes sure that your reasons for reporting have some weight. If Instagram doesn’t find some good reason behind the report then your report will be ignored. 

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Instagram had billions of users on it and almost all the users post their photos and videos on it. But posts of every user are not friendly to all the people and might be offensive to some. In such cases, people report to that user, and Instagram takes action in different kinds of posts differently. We have given you the information explaining How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete An Instagram Account. Hope you might have understood the given information. 


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