How Luxury Events Can Become More Sustainability in Brazil

How Luxury Events Can Become More Sustainability in Brazil

In today’s corporate landscape, sustainability is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity. Marcos Augustinas, partner at Pazetto Events, sheds light on the importance of reducing carbon footprint and shares the company’s experience in striving for greenhouse gas neutrality in the event industry.

The Urgency of Sustainability

  • Environmental Concerns: With climate change becoming increasingly apparent, addressing sustainability issues has become urgent for the survival of our planet.
  • Client Expectations: Clients, especially younger demographics, are more conscious of brands’ sustainability efforts, driving the need for eco-friendly practices in all industries, including events.

Pazetto Events’ Journey

  • Founding Principles: Pazetto Events was founded 25 years ago with a vision to integrate design, fashion, cultural heritage, and sustainability.
  • Carbon Neutrality: Over the years, the company has neutralized its emissions, earning the DESCARBONIZEI® seal by offsetting double the amount of credits required.

Interview with Marcos Augustinas

  • Marcos Augustinas: Progress has been slow in the past 30 years despite climate change warnings. However, inaction is no longer an option. We must adapt and implement sustainable practices.
  • Marcos Augustinas: Understanding the event’s purpose is crucial for effective planning. Additionally, the choice of venue, guest selection, and digital marketing strategy are key factors.
  • Marcos Augustinas: Decarbonization involves assessing emissions throughout the event, including transportation and energy consumption. Neutralization is achieved by retiring carbon credits or through tree planting initiatives, ensuring transparency and traceability.

Future Steps for Pazetto Events

  • Carbon Negative Certification: Pazetto Events has achieved carbon-negative status by offsetting double its carbon footprint.
  • Industry Advocacy: The company aims to encourage the Brazilian luxury industry to adopt sustainable practices, leveraging the country’s potential for clean energy generation.
  • International Projects: Pazetto Events is involved in international initiatives to provide sustainability solutions for companies worldwide, with more details to be announced soon.

As sustainability becomes increasingly vital, Pazetto Events sets a precedent for the event industry, showcasing how luxury events can align with environmental goals without compromising elegance and quality.

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