How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams From Showing Away 2022

How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams From Showing Away 2022

Today people are using software for their meetings and lectures. The world is becoming online now. People use different kinds of software and Microsoft Team is one of them. Microsoft Team is software that is used by millions of people daily. As it has many users, Team provides their users with different features that help them to have a worthy and enhanced experience in their meetings. It also has a feature that allows participants to see the activity status of other participants. The feature helps people in many ways. In this article, we are going to learn about the status that Microsoft Teams uses to label its members and from here you will also learn about the How To Fix The Microsoft Team auto-away status.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is a video communication software with millions of daily active users across the world. It is developed by Microsoft and it is a part of applications like Microsoft 365 and Office 365. When the world was quarantined and people were working from their homes the applications got many users and now have become popular across the world. It is developed with many amazing features from which one of its features is status. Microsoft labels their users with the status which depends on their activity state whether they are online, offline, or busy with some other work.

Here are some of the different statuses that Microsoft Team uses to label their users:


Users who are online and available to other users who want to contact them are labeled as Available.


When the user is online but busy on-call or meeting then he or she is labeled as Busy.


The users who are not on the app and doing some other work on their device are labeled as Away.


When a user has switched off the device, logged off, or disconnected from the internet he or she is mentioned as Offline to others.

These are only some of the labels that Microsoft Teams uses. Do not disturb and Be right back are also used in Team.

How To Stop Team From Showing Away

Microsoft Teams shows Away every time your device goes to sleep mode, even if you’re inactive for a short period, or if you don’t contact any other Team member within 5 minutes you will be labeled as Away. This could be the thing that you do not want. If you were searching for this problem you are at the perfect place. Here is How To Fix The Microsoft Team auto-away status:

1. Open Microsoft Teams and log in with your Team account.

2. Click on your profile picture appearing at the right corner of the screen.

3. Your current status will be there (which will be available). Click on your status (on Available).

4. From the list of options that appeared to you click on the option you want to save as your status. (Choose available if you want Team not labeling you as Away again and again).

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Getting labeled Away, again and again, could make other participants think that you might not be available to them. To clear this problem we have mentioned How To Fix The Microsoft Team auto-away status in this post. Also, we have discussed the statuses that Team uses for their users. Hope this will help you to solve your problem and also make you understand it.

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