How Can One Find Cheap Air Flight Tickets?

How Can One Find Cheap Air Flight Tickets?

Are you planning to travel overseas? Surely, you might have planned something for the upcoming vacation. However, the present scenario has made the cost of air flight a great deal as it has got increased. This makes flying more expensive. But don’t worry this guide allows you to buy a cheap flight ticket that fits your budget perfectly. Continue reading, to know the secret to find and get a cheap air flight ticket in simple steps.

Factors On Which Flight Ticket Depends

There are five factors on which air flight ticket depends, namely-

  • Crude oil prices
  • Supply & demand
  • Competition among airliners
  • Indian Rupee/ US Dollar exchange rate
  • Airport and taxes

We have summed up valuable information using these factors to get a cheap flight for worldwide traveling.

Follow These Steps

Be Supple With Dates

It’s the weekdays that allow you to get the cheapest flight than weekends. This may sound not like good news but it’s a fact. Since pricing is dynamic, the flight ticket is not under control. This step will save you money. Since demand on Saturday and Sunday increases, airlines put an extra price on these days. Make sure you pick weekdays instead of weekends. Also remember, the flight prices will go high during festivals. That’s why you need to book a flight two days before the festival.

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Fly At Odd Times

Would you like to fly during late nights or early mornings? Surely, you may not be comfortable just like other people. The price goes high during the same destination and day. The flight ticket is 30-40% cheaper on odd days. Try to pick a timing that involves few people. Moreover, the cost is higher on Sunday, Saturday, and Friday as stated above.

Book Return Flight

Do you wish to get whooping discounts on the trip ticket? Airlines don’t like it when other airline flies on the same day. If you book a return flight, there are more chances of getting heavy discounts.

Fly Budget Airlines

Try to fly on budget airlines that offer tickets to a handful of destinations. It’s because they are much cheaper and don’t charge extra services. Normal airlines contain charges for services like check-in baggage, food, etc. This puts an extra load on your shoulders.

Check Various Booking Sites

Last but not the least, you need to check various booking sites to compare the price and quality of service. No matter what budget you wish to travel on, always compare before booking flight tickets.


Follow all these simple steps and you will thankful for visiting here. Don’t forget the best days to grab cheap flight tickets are weekdays not weekends.

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