Haunted Swinging Doll That Invites Death

Haunted Swinging Doll That Invites Death

The residents of Lucinda Town, North Queensland, Australia, are now scared because of a ‘ghostly doll‘. She is sitting on a swing on a tree on the bank of the river. According to the report of the website Daily Mail, local people believe that whoever passes by this doll brings bad luck to them. The people here are in so much panic because of a doll that some are not even ready to speak. The doll is hanging from a tree on the banks of a river in Queensland. Everyone is scared about Doll all over the city.

People’s Soul Trembles After Seeing ‘Doll’ Swinging

This case is from North Queensland. This doll hanging from the swing looks like a normal soft toy. But the people of the area do not even want to talk about that doll. People say that after seeing this doll, many people have had an accident. People claimed that people’s boats were getting damaged or their fishing equipment was missing because of this ‘ghostly doll’.

Even saying a quick ‘hello’ to the doll is said to be enough to spell doom. 

‘I’ve heard stories of people who have gotten too close to the doll having bad luck while out boating or fishing,’ Mr Dametto said.

‘This might be pure circumstance or just a modern wives’ tale but it’s something I’m definitely not willing to toy with.’ 

He said every question he asked locals about the doll seemed to lead to more questions with no one knowing the answers. 

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Tallking Doll Means Inviting Death:

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Demato told the Townsville Bulletin that everyone knows about the doll, but no one wants to talk about it. He said that no one knows where the doll came from and how she sat on a swing hanging under a tree. Most residents know about this dangerous doll. But these people are avoiding getting too close to it.

MP Nick Demato says that the fishermen here say that the local people know about this doll, but do not tell anything out of fear. Seeing the past incidents, he is afraid that if he talks about it, then something untoward will happen to him. However, he also says that this can be the illusion of the mind of the people. But right now there is an atmosphere of panic. It is being said that saying hello to this doll is like inviting death.

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