Fix: Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11

Fix: Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11

BSOD’s error blue background in Microsoft is replaced with a black background to keep it with the theme of Microsoft 11. But this thing doesn’t have any promising effect on the frequency of encountering alerts or on performance or anything else. Everything seemed to be the same to the users. In this article, we are going to serve you the information on “Fix: Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11”. 

What BSOD Is?

Blue Screen Of Death, also known as BSOD, is a short form. It is a Microsoft Windows operating system. BSOD errors relate to system temperature, hardware, timing, resources, corrupt registries, or viruses.

It gives an alert when anything corrupt is scanned by the system. BSOD freezes the screen and asks to reboot the system before it continues to be operated.

One of the BSOD errors that users reported encountering on Windows 11 is the ‘Kernel Security Check Failure’. BSOD errors crash the system which leads to the loss of unsaved data from the computer.

Errors are reported by the users frequently in Windows 11. And the best part about this error is that it can be flexibly and easily fixed. 

Here are some of the solutions to Fix: Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11. So if you are facing this problem then you must check this article now.

How To Fix

Update Windows


Computers start showing many problems when the windows need updating. Running older versions of windows causes errors as BSOD.

Sometimes the errors are due to the bugs which are present in the current version you are using. Updating Windows fixes all the bugs and solves many issues in Windows 11. Here is the method by which you can update your windows. 

  1. Press WINDOWS + I keys to launch the settings menu.
  2. From settings select the Windows Update tab from the left.
  3. If a new version is available it will get automatically downloaded and installed. 

SFC Scan


One of the main reasons behind BSOD is corrupt files. SFC which stands for system files checker is a scan that is used to identify corrupt files in Windows and replace them with a cached copy. It makes an effective fix for Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11 error.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool


A built-in utility that can test your memory and identify the problems with it is provided by Windows. Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is far better than any other third-party application available on the internet. You can use it by following steps:

  1. From the search window (open by pressing WINDOWS + S) Windows Memory Diagnostic and click on the relevant search result to launch it.
  2. You will get the option to run a test right away. But you should remember to save any open work in case to avoid loss of data.

Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD Windows 11 error could result in many problems like loss of unsaved data and it affects the user experience. The best thing is that you can resolve this problem by following some simple methods. We have given you some of the easiest and the best ways to resolve this problem. Hope you might have found this article useful and you will be able to resolve the issue via this article.

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