Fátima Bernardes Addresses Contract End with Globo: What’s Next?

Fátima Bernardes Addresses Contract End with Globo: What’s Next?

After 37 years with Globo, Fátima Bernardes bids farewell—temporarily, perhaps—to the network that shaped her career. Amid months of online rumors and speculation about her supposed “dismissal,” the news has finally been confirmed.

Fátima’s contract with Globo expired at the end of last year and was not renewed, as reported by Notícias da TV. With no ongoing projects at the network, particularly following the conclusion of “The Voice Brasil” and “Assim como a Gente” on GNT—both of which experienced low ratings and were discontinued after their first seasons—Fátima Bernardes finds herself without a fixed position at the broadcaster.

New Ventures on the Horizon

While future contracts with Globo will be project-based, similar to arrangements made with other stars like Paolla Oliveira and Carolina Dieckmann, there’s currently no indication of upcoming roles for Túlio Gadêlha’s girlfriend. Despite presenting three program ideas to Globo’s management, none have materialized. However, don’t expect Fátima Bernardes to sit idle. Just as she didn’t stop working when she broke her foot, she’s already lined up a new opportunity.

Innovative Project at the Olympics

Coinciding with news of Fátima Bernardes’ departure from Globo is a major announcement involving the former wife of William Bonner and a direct online competition to the Rio-based network: her involvement in the “Paris é Brasa” project.

Structured as branded content, the project will unfold on YouTube during the Paris Olympics, from July to August this year. It will offer behind-the-scenes insights, preparations, and anecdotes about Brazilian athletes in the competition, in collaboration with the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). While they won’t have broadcasting rights to the events—still held by Globo—Fátima Bernardes will be in Paris for a series of reports and interviews, showcasing her unique style. This endeavor marks a departure from her previous roles during the 1992 and 1996 Olympics.

Fátima Bernardes’ Excitement


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Addressing her contract’s conclusion for the first time, Fátima Bernardes expressed enthusiasm for her new phase: “I’ll be in an Olympic city again, hearing those incredible stories of achievements, victories, overcoming challenges, and persistence, and that really excites me,” she said in a video posted on social media.


As Fátima Bernardes embarks on this new journey, her fans eagerly await her captivating storytelling and engaging presence, both on and off-screen. Stay tuned for more updates on her exciting endeavors beyond Globo.

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