Fabiana Justus Returns to Hospital for Leukemia Treatment

Fabiana Justus Returns to Hospital for Leukemia Treatment

After spending time at home with her husband and three children, influencer Fabiana Justus, 37, has returned to the hospital for further treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Fabiana, the daughter of businessman and presenter Roberto Justus, boasts over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her daily life, tips, achievements, and family moments.

Fabiana Justus Diagnosis and Treatment

In January of this year, Fabiana Justus shocked her followers by revealing her diagnosis with AML. Now, she faces another phase of treatment as she undergoes chemotherapy to combat the leukemia.

Family Dynamics

Fabiana Justus’s youngest son, Luigi, is only five months old. Due to her treatment, Fabiana had to stop breastfeeding Luigi. Despite the challenges, she is determined to continue fighting for her health while being present for her children.

Emotional Challenges

The influencer expressed her emotions about returning to the hospital, acknowledging the difficulty of being away from her children. She emphasized the importance of explaining the situation to her daughters, Sienna and Chiara, aged 5, who were saddened by her absence.

Coping Strategies

Fabiana Justus spent quality time with her children before her hospitalization, engaging in activities and conversations to prepare them for her absence. She emphasized the need for her “defense soldiers” to regain strength, reassuring her daughters that she will return to them once she is well.

Support System

Fabiana expressed gratitude for the support she receives from her family and medical team. She highlighted the importance of open communication with her children, allowing them to express their feelings and ask questions about her treatment.


As Fabiana embarks on another phase of her leukemia treatment, she remains resilient and determined to overcome the challenges ahead. Her openness about her journey serves as inspiration for many facing similar battles, and her commitment to her family shines through in her efforts to stay connected despite the distance.

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