Does Vitamin D Protect Against Delta? Remedy To Protect From Covid-19 variant

Does Vitamin D Protect Against Delta? Remedy To Protect From Covid-19 variant

Is vitamin D proving helpful in preventing corona virus  and delta variant infection? The question about vitamin D is being raised very prominently among researchers.

The Scientific Advisory Commission on Nutrition and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, an organization working on health and nutrition in the British government, have prepared a report on the role of vitamin D in the corona and its variants.

What is the advice regarding Vitamin D?

During the Corona epidemic, most people are locked in their homes. In such a situation, it is normal to have less vitamin D in the body. In normal days, people spend more time outside their homes. In such a situation, the skin gets sunlight and this naturaal source of vitamins proves beneficial for us.

Britain’s National Health Service says that in this period of epidemic people should take 10 micrograms of vitamin every day. Especially those people who are spending most of their time at home. In the UK, even before the pandemic, it is recommended to take vitamin D separately in the winter from October to March.

However, Public Health England (PHE) recommends taking vitamin D supplements throughout the year. PHE says that it is very important to take vitamin D separately for those who are unable to go out or are living in care homes.

Those who need to take vitamin D separately throughout the year-

  • who don’t often leave the house
  • who live in care homes
  • whose skin is always covered with clothes

Those whose skin is brown or black, they also do not get enough vitamin D because they are also unable to come out in lockdown. In such a situation, they should also take vitamin D separately throughout the year.

In addition to the governments of Scotland and Wales, the Public Health Agency of Northern Ireland has given similar advice in lockdown.

Why Vitamin D?

It is a very common but important fact that vitamin D is very important for strong and healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Due to its deficiency, bones become weak and children get dry disease. Due to its deficiency in adults, a disease called osteomalacia occurs.

Researchers have also said that vitamin D keeps the immune system effective in the body and helps in fighting infection. Some studies also say that having enough vitamin D in the body can prevent the common cold and flu.

However, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has reviewed the use of vitamin D in preventing chest infections and said that there is not enough evidence to say that vitamin D should be taken for this.

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Should we take higher doses of Vitamin D?

No. Although vitamin D supplements are very safe, but if you take more than the dosage prescribed by the doctor, it can be dangerous in the long term. Keep these things in mind while taking vitamin D supplement-

  • Children 1 to 10 years old should not be given more than 50 micrograms a day
  • Infants (below 12 months) should not be given more than 25 micrograms a day
  • Adults should take no more than 100 micrograms a day
  • Dosage more than this, doctors give in severe deficiency of vitamin D or in extreme circumstances
  • Vitamin D supplementation is not safe for those with kidney problems

If you want that you can get vitamin D from sunlight only, then this is also not possible. You also need to be careful with the sun. Cover your skin or apply sunscreen to avoid sunburned skin. This can protect the skin from sun damage.

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