Delete Your Sonyliv Account- Learn The Steps Here

Delete Your Sonyliv Account- Learn The Steps Here

People love to watch movies and videos on demand service. Nobody has time to watch the whole movie which is streaming on TV. For such video on demand service there are several applications serving users. These applications provide users with a lot of original movies, series etc. Sonyliv one of the platforms which provides a broad range of TV shows, movies, documentaries, web series, and live TV. But there comes a time when you think about deleting your account on different platforms. Similarly it goes with Sonyliv, and if you want to delete your Sonyliv account then you must know that you are at the perfect place. In this article we are going to discuss How To Delete Sonyliv Account. So if you are looking to delete your Sonyliv account but you are not sure about doing it then you must check this article now. 



Let us begin first with getting introduced with Sonyliv itself. Sonyliv was launched as the Indian first OTT service in 2013. It is one of the most famous platforms which allows users to get a lot of services for free. Also, it had advanced features which could be used in the paid version. It is over the top of the Indian freemium streaming platform. To use the features of Sonyliv one has to create their account at Sonyliv.

There comes a time when you feel like Deleting your account for some reason. So if you are thinking of deleting your Sonyliv account for some reason then you must know that you are at the perfect place. The given information will help you to understand How To Delete Sonyliv Account. 

How To Delete Sonyliv Account

Once you decide that you want to stop using your Sonyliv account you can delete your account by following the given steps. 

1. Open the Sonyliv application on your mobile. (You must be logged in with the account you wish to delete)

2. Tap on your profile placeholder. 

3. From the menu select settings. 

4. Now tap on the Account option given under your username.

5. Now tap on “Deactivate Your Account”.

6. You will get a message, read it and then click on Deactivate. 

7. You will be asked for your password now, so enter your password and tap on the Deactivate button. 

8. Uninstall the application from your mobile. 

Sonyliv also allows you to deactivate or delete your account by using its official website also. 

1. Go to Sonyliv’s official website on your desktop.

2. Log in with your account by entering your credentials.

3. From the bottom of the page click on settings.

4. Now click on “Account”.

5. Click on delete account.

6. You have to re enter your credentials at the given space. 

7. At last click on “Continue”.

By following the above mentioned steps you can easily delete your Sonyliv account. 

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We have given you two steps by which you can easily learn How To Delete Sonyliv Account. Hope you might have found this article useful and informative also it might have helped you to learn about Sonyliv. 


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