Delete Chats In Microsoft Team: Here Is The Way You Can Use To Delete Chats From Team

Delete Chats In Microsoft Team: Here Is The Way You Can Use To Delete Chats From Team

Video conferencing software has become important for meetings. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, etc are the software included in this list. One of the most famous software in them is Microsoft Team. It is used widely by people from all over the world. Today Team has millions of users daily. The team served multiple features to their users. One of the features is that on Team users can communicate to other participants via chat option. But there are many chances in chatting that you might send the wrong chat at the wrong place and so you delete the chat from there. Same in the Microsoft Team when you want to delete the chat you should know how you can do it. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can Delete Chat In Microsoft Team. 


Microsoft Team



Before jumping to know how to delete chat in Microsoft Team let’s first know about Team itself. Microsoft Team also referred to as Team is a cloud-based collaboration developed by Microsoft. The team is a part of applications like Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Microsoft Team is used widely all over the world having millions of active daily users. It has different capabilities including business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing which make it competitive and even a replacement to other applications like Slack, Cisco, Google workshop, etc. The team is available as an application for several devices.


Deleting Chats



There may be different reasons why you want to delete the chat. Your chat might not be in use to you or you might have sent something wrong. According to your needs, here are some ways that will help you to delete chat in Microsoft Team. 

Single Chat Message

On Desktop



If the message you want to delete is yours then you do not have to do much to delete it. You can delete or even edit your message whenever you want. You can delete a single Chat Message from the Microsoft team by following the given steps:

1. Go to the channel from which you want to remove or edit your message.

2. Now click on the three dots provided on the message. 


3  Now you can select to delete or edit the message you selected.


Once you have deleted the message will get deleted from the Team channel. No one will be able to see what you have deleted but others will come to know that you have deleted something from there. As the message deleted is changed with a note saying “It’s Deleted”.

Also if you have deleted a message but you need it again in the chat you can undo it by clicking on the menu and selecting the undo option.

On Mobile



To Delete Chats In Microsoft Team on your mobile you have to do as simple steps as you have to do at Desktop. By following these simplest and easiest way you can delete your chat:

1. Go to the message you want to delete.

2. Long press message which you want to get deleted till you get the menu with some options.


3. Now select the Delete option and confirm it that you want to delete the message. 


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Deleting a message could be a useful option if they have sent something mistakenly in your Team channel. By following the given methods you can easily Delete Chat in Microsoft Team. Hope this article might have given you some useful information that will help you.


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