Delete A Account- Learn The Best Method To Do It Here

Delete A Account- Learn The Best Method To Do It Here

We are living in a world where almost everything can be done online. From shopping to finding jobs (or small jobs) you can do anything online. You can even hire someone for a job or small work online. There are certain applications and platforms available to help people to hire for jobs or to get jobs online. One such platform/website is could be used to get certain kinds of jobs or even to hire someone for them. In this article we are going to discuss more, also we are going to discuss How To Delete A Account. So if you are feeling like deleting your account or trying to do so then you must know that you have found the perfect place. So check this article to answer your question about

What is


Let’s first get introduced to So What is? is a website that allows users to hire caregivers for their family members, homes, or pets. Users can even join as caregivers and get a job. Just by uploading some details and requirements for the job as a caregiver you can hire a caregiver for different purposes. The website helps you by providing the perfect caregiver for your needs. 

There may come a time when you find the website not useful to you. At such times you can easily delete your account. If you are not sure about deleting the account then you must check the following information. This information will instruct you and help you to understand How To Delete A Account. 

How To Delete A Account

Deleting a Account is an easy task to do than you might have thought. Here is the best and the easiest method by which you can delete your account.

1. Open your web browser on the desktop and log in to your

2. You will have a drop-down menu at the top right of your account page click on it.

3. Now click on the Account settings option.

4. Scroll down your account setting page to find the section “Membership Information”, there you will be provided with the link that says “Close Account” click on it.

5. will ask you for the reason for closing the account, give a suitable reason and click on confirm.

If you have completed every step till here then you have completely deleted the account. 

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Conclusion could be used for giving the caretakers to your loved ones. To use it you have to create an account on its website. You can easily create an account at for your loved ones and can even easily delete it when you want. We have mentioned to you the easiest and the best method to learn How To Delete A Account. Hope this article might have helped you to learn the information related to


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