Deborah Secco Calls for Deniziane’s Elimination in BBB 24, Sparking Outrage Online

Deborah Secco Calls for Deniziane’s Elimination in BBB 24, Sparking Outrage Online

Actress Deborah Secco stirred up controversy on Monday (February 19) by using her social media platform to rally votes against Deniziane, who is currently facing eviction in the ninth eviction round of BBB 24 alongside her ally Matteus and rival Fernanda. Secco’s stance disappointed many internet users.

In a morning post on her profile, Deborah Secco urged her followers to vote against Deniziane, stating, “Let’s go with #ForaDeniziane, darlings? Have you cast your single votes? Are you voting according to the fan base’s choice?” Her call to action sparked outrage among her followers, with many expressing their disappointment with the actress’s support for Deniziane’s eviction.

Deborah Secco

One follower commented, “Oh, Fernanda is the female version of the toxic male, she’s resentful, jealous, rude, and you want to vote out Any? Disappointed…” Secco replied, “Out with the plants,” referring to inactive contestants. Another follower disagreed, stating, “I have to disagree with you on this one, Fernanda has had much worse remarks.” A second follower expressed disappointment, saying, “I used to like you, Deborah. When you support a woman with such problematic statements like Fernanda’s, you become like her.”

In a previous post after the formation of the triple eviction on Sunday (February 18), Deborah Secco had already expressed her support for the pastry chef. “Wow, Nanda bombarded today! Will she escape?” she wrote, referring to the Bate-Volta competition won by Lucas. “I hope not. #ForaFernanda. BBB is also a game of coexistence, and she doesn’t understand,” evaluated one follower.

Deborah Secco

“That’s exactly why she should stay. We don’t want a comfortable game for anyone. It has to bother. I want a fight,” justified Secco. Another follower challenged the artist, saying, “But she [Fernanda] just stays in bed. She only promises, she doesn’t deliver anything.” Despite the criticism, the actress stood by the contestant, saying, “When confronted, she does deliver. Some people stay out of the room all day and still contribute even less.”

Deborah Secco’s involvement in the eviction process of Deniziane has sparked a heated debate online, with fans and followers expressing varying opinions about her choices and statements regarding the contestants of BBB 24

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