Crack Amazon/TCS And Online Interviews With These Tips

Crack Amazon/TCS And Online Interviews With These Tips

In the worldwide lockdown due to the coronavirus, almost all the interviews are being conducted online. Even after the lockdown, as a precaution, companies can insist on online interviews only. The time to come is for online interview only.
Even though the interview may be of different fields, different posts and subjects. But some things are the same everywhere. In such a situation, it is important to understand some basics of online interview well.

Here we are telling you 7 such things, which seem normal, but they can have a deep impact on online interviews. By keeping these things in mind, you can make a better impression on the interviewer.

From exam to interview .. it is important to prepare well for every job. You should give full time to this. Before the interview, you must know about the company concerned. Get the knowledge of the position for which you have applied. Also, you should have knowledge of your subject as well.



Practice prepares you for a job in a better way. Helps to increase your confidence. So do mock practice before the real interview. If possible, enlist the help of a friend, teacher or other person and practice giving interviews online.
Today, through whichever software you are going to give an online interview, check it properly. Learn to operate it properly. Otherwise, there will be a fear of getting stuck in the middle of the interview.


Make sure in advance where you will sit during the interview. There are a few things to keep in mind in the place you choose. For example, that place should not be too dark. There should be no light just above the head. This will make your face look dark. Try to give interview in natural light. But there should be no noise. If you are giving an interview after dark, then sit in the opposite direction of the light, so that the light can come on your face.


Even if you are not going to the company’s office for the interview. Giving interviews sitting at home. But take care of what you are wearing during the interview. Dress up like a professional. Try to keep a smart look. Girls should take care that if you are doing make-up then it should not be too much. Hair should not be scattered.

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Way Of Speaking

During the online interview, you also have to take care of the way you speak. Speak slowly and clearly. Because in the online medium there is definitely a difference of fraction of seconds in reaching your voice interviewer. This is not a problem in face to face interview. Don’t be in a hurry to end the interview. Listen patiently to whatever the interviewer is saying ad then answer.

Body language

Your body language tells your personality. Sit straight during the interview. Keep good posture. You shouldn’t have a look of panic on your face. Do not move your hands too much. Try to keep your hands on your lap. If earphone is attached, do not press its mouthpiece in the mouth. Before the interview, set it in such a way that it does not move much. Otherwise it may hinder the conversation.

If you follow these tips you will be able to crack these interviews. Share it with your friends who are preparing for amazon, TCS virtual interviews.

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