Brazilian Athlete Meets Lisa from BLACKPINK and Dedicates Photo to Daughter: Check It Out!

Brazilian Athlete Meets Lisa from BLACKPINK and Dedicates Photo to Daughter: Check It Out!

Lisa Spotted in South Korea

  • Global Icon: Lisa from BLACKPINK, the Thai pop sensation, recently attended an event for a fashion brand in South Korea, captivating fans worldwide.
  • Special Guests: Among the attendees were Brazilian athlete Pedro Scooby and actress Marina Ruy Barbosa, who seized the opportunity to snap photos with the renowned singer.

Pedro Scooby’s Heartfelt Gesture

Pedro Scooby's Heartfelt Gesture

  • Doting Father: Pedro Scooby, a professional surfer and former participant of BBB 22 (Brazilian Big Brother), shared a selfie with Lisa on his Instagram story, dedicating the moment to his daughter, Liz.
  • Fan Moment: Scooby expressed his daughter’s admiration for Lisa, marking the occasion with a heartfelt message and tagging the idol in his post.

Tyla and Lisa’s Musical Collaboration

  • Exciting Collaboration: South African singer Tyla recently revealed a surprising friendship with Lisa from BLACKPINK, hinting at a potential collaboration.
  • Sneak Peek: Tyla invited Lisa to preview tracks from her debut album, hinting that Lisa might feature on one of the songs.

Teasing Fans with “A.R.T”

  • Anticipation Builds: Tyla teased fans with a video on social media, showing her and Lisa listening to a track titled “A.R.T” from Tyla’s upcoming album.
  • Speculation: Fans speculate that “A.R.T” may feature Lisa’s vocals, sparking excitement for the potential collaboration between the two artists.

Tyla’s Debut Album and Health Update

  • Release Date: Tyla’s debut album, set to include hits like “Water” and “Truth or Dare,” is scheduled for release on March 22.
  • Health Concerns: Despite the anticipation for her album, Tyla recently canceled her Coachella performance and tour dates due to health reasons, disappointing fans but prioritizing her well-being.

Conclusion: A Blend of Excitement and Anticipation

As Brazilian athlete Pedro Scooby and actress Marina Ruy Barbosa join the ranks of Lisa’s admirers, and Tyla teases a potential collaboration with the BLACKPINK star, fans are buzzing with excitement. With Tyla’s album release on the horizon and the possibility of a musical partnership between Tyla and Lisa, the future looks promising for fans of both artists. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting musical journey!

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