Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies: Which is Better?

Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies: Which is Better?

.Who Is Even Aware Of Boycott Bollywood Trend? Everyone knows what is the condition of Bollywood at the moment. Movies are struggling even to collect the budget of the movie. On the other hand, South cinema can be seen doing great at the box office. Now and then there is a regional movie doing great at the box office. But what’s the matter with this situation? Is South Indian cinema better than the whole Bollywood? All of these answers can be given if we discuss some points on Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies.

That is our topic for now and it is what we are going to discuss in this article. We are going to mention to you some points. So check out this amazing article to understand the Bollywood situation.

What Is the Bollywood Industry?

The word Bollywood is a from two words “Bombay” and “Hollywood”. The Bollywood industry refers to the filmmaking industry based in Mumbai which makes movies in the Hindi language. Bollywood is also known as Hindi cinema and is termed Bombay cinema locally.

What Is the Cinema Of the South?

When we talk about South Indian Cinema it refers to the cinema of the four major film industries of South India; primarily engaged in making feature films in the four major languages of the region, namely — Telugu referred to as Tollywood, Tamil referred to as Kollywood, Kannada referred to as Sandalwood, and Malayalam referred to as Mollywood colloquially. These film industries are based in the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kochi.

Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies

Below mentioned are some of the points that will help you to understand the comparison between Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies:

Connection With The Current Generation

One of the biggest reasons why Bollywood is struggling nowadays is because they are unable to connect to the current generation. While on the other hand many South movies are trying something new and can connect to the audience.


At this point of time after Sushant Singh committed suicide people started blaming start kids as the reason for the loss in Bollywood. But this Nepotism point cannot decide which industry is better. In both industries, we can see Nepotism equally. Some actors became successful even being Nepotism kids while others did not.


Another reason giving a point to South Indian movies. The Storylines of most South Indian movies are greater than Bollywood but not all South movies are interesting and neither do all Bollywood movies’ storyline sucks.


For a very long time, Bollywood has given so many remakes, copying South Indian movies was even successful at the box office. But now people are watching South Indian movies directly which does not make any sense why they should spend their money on watching a remake of the movie they already watched. And this thing gives a point to South Indian movies.

Which Is Better Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies?

So what is the conclusion in the comparison between these two industries? Are South Indian movies better than Bollywood or vice versa? Well, this thing cannot be decided just by judging the current condition of the cinema. There was a time when Bollywood gave their successful originals and even today some movies are great. And it is not easy to answer the question “Which Is Better Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies” and thus this question remains unsolved.

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Last Words

We have discussed some points that will help you to understand the comparison between Bollywood Vs South Indian Movies. Hopefully, you might have found this post interesting.

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