BBB 24: Fernanda Opens Up About Fight with Pitel

BBB 24: Fernanda Opens Up About Fight with Pitel

In a recent conversation with Michel, Giovanna, and Raquele in the Leader’s Room just before the party on Friday (February 16), Fernanda detailed the argument she had with Pitel, revealing that their disagreement escalated into a heated exchange.

The dispute arose earlier between the allies of the Gnome Room, and the pastry chef ended up making some unfortunate remarks during the argument, which left Fernanda feeling uneasy.

“A discussion happened today. You know those jokes with a hint of truth? She started to get stressed, and I started to get stressed, and today I really slept poorly. Today is not my day,” Fernanda began.

Fernanda: A Shouting Match in the Gym

BBB 24: Fernanda Opens Up About Fight with Pitel

“It turned into stress, a shouting match in the gym. Then Rodrigo said, ‘You two stop fighting, I don’t know what’s going on,’ and then it became awkward after that. Then the two of them were together, like, gossiping, probably talking about it,” she concluded. During the live broadcast, it was evident that there was tension between the sisters.


The revelation of the disagreement sheds light on the dynamics within the house of BBB 24 and the complexities of relationships formed during the reality show. Fans are eager to see how this altercation will impact the dynamics among the contestants moving forward. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest developments in the Big Brother Brazil house.

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