7 Simple And Useful Traveling Tips During COVID-19

7 Simple And Useful Traveling Tips During COVID-19

Are you planning a post-quarantine vacation? Recently airports are opened for people to travel again. However, it is important to follow safety precautions to avoid catching the coronavirus. The risk of infection doubles on an airplane due to direct contact with surfaces, and people. Given below are simple and useful traveling tips that will make your traveling safer during COVID-19.

Traveling Tips During COVID-19

Prepare An Inventory List

Before you travel, you need to prepare a list of items that contain disinfectant wipes, face mask, tissues, and hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content. It will help you keep a high level of hygiene. In addition to this, it prevents direct contact with disease-spreading respiratory droplets.

Be Attentive

As the novel coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace, this raises the issue of keeping heightened caution. So, be attentive and mindful when you touch surfaces, dives, check-in machines, ATMs, and escalators. Try using sanitizer after touching the surface and don’t touch your face.

Moreover, you need to be mindful when you touch a wallet and phone. Since, cell phones being constantly handled, wipe it using a disinfectant wiper throughout the day.

Minimize Human Contact

It’s good to stay dependent on technology and automation during the COVID-19 crises. After you get your boarding pass, sanitize your hands thoroughly. When it comes to retail outlets, avoid touching surfaces. Also, keep a six-foot distance from people. Use contactless options for payment.

Pick Window Seat

Try to opt for a window seat. It helps you avoid germs and remain seated throughout the course of air flight. Infected passengers will not be able to infect people who are sitting farther from their seats. Moreover, you need to keep your hands clean to avoid the risk of infection transmission. Also, avoid contact with the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Wipe Down

Before you take the seat, scrub down the surfaces around you using a disinfectant wipe. For example, wiping the front of your seat, tray table, and armrests. Avoid wiping soft surfaces like upholstery, it will make your seat wet and spread germs.

Don’t Drink Water

Another important tip to follow is to avoid drinking water from airplane water tanks. It’s because they are not always hygienic, so there is no use in drinking coffee or tea from it.

Stay Home When You’re Sick

It’s the most important tip to be followed. Try canceling traveling in case you find yourself sick.

These are top simple and useful traveling tips that need to be followed during COVID-19. Keep this in mind when heading toward your upcoming air travel experience.

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