7 Signs That Shows You Have A Healthy Relationship

7 Signs That Shows You Have A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship not only makes you feel awesome but also brings the best version of yourself. But not all relationships are healthy and perfect. There are some signs that enable you to know whether you are striving in your relationship or not. Given below are some behaviors and characteristics that unbox the depth of your relationship with your partner. These tell-tell sings will add some basic values and goals to your relation. Check out the signs.

Signs That You Have A Healthy Relationship

Expressing Feelings In Different Ways

It’s a fact that everyone has a different idea and opinion, hence their feelings. For example, your partner’s words might be important over actions.

So, it becomes important to know how your partner expresses his/her feelings, love, and affection. Your partner might be a physical lover who shows signs of affection via hug or kiss.

Or else, your partner loves long talks, notes, even love letters. So, try to appreciate it and show your true feelings.

Talk Less

It’s ok if you like silence instead of long talks. Famous doctor, Roni Beth says “couples can form a special connection together in silence.” Remember, you can’t express everything in words, so it’s ok if you are a great listener.

Give Space To Each Other

There comes a time when your partner needs little space. He/she might indulge in hobbies or activities he loves doing. You should respect this thing to get the most out of your relationship. This way, you both feel accepted fully.

Recognizing Each Other’s Faults

Everyone has faults, so as the relationship. Recognizing your partner’s fault and accepting is a great way to shape your relation. Both can recognize each other’s fault, good or bad, and make the relationship much stronger.

Fighting Productively

When two people with different views, ideas and opinion comes in relation, fighting is inevitable. No matter how many times you end up in disagreements, fights, your relationship is strong if you both are willing to resolve the problem.

Going On Vacations Separately

Around 1/3rd of the partners go on solo trips and that’s ok. If you have enough trust and faith in your partner, then your relationship still exists. For example, if you visit the museum without your partner and your partner is ok with that. It simply means he/she puts full trust and faith in you. So, throw away this misconception, the married couple can’t go on solo trips.


Many couples don’t recognize these signs and end up breaking their relationship. A relation is more than being physical or financial. So, if you find any of the traits in your partner, accept and respect it.


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