7 Restaurant Secrets A Home Cook Must Know

7 Restaurant Secrets A Home Cook Must Know

If you are a food lover, you might know the greatness of the restaurant good meal. However, going for eating outside every time could be expensive. Do you want to recreate a starred meal at your place? We have listed some restaurant secrets, tricks, and tips in this guide. Let’s transform your place into a five-star restaurant with these little secrets.

Secrets For Home Cook

Make Silky Sauce Using Pasta Water

Have you ever wondered how restaurant chefs make silky sauces? The answer is using pasta water. The starch which remains behind can be used for making delicious and silky sauces. For example, finish noodles using a ladleful of pasta water. It will help to fill the gap between sauce and pasta.

Best and worthy pasta are finished directly in the sauce. This simple and little trick will help the noodles absorb more flavor.

Try Cast-Iron Pan

If you depend on non-stick pans for cooking, you are doing a big mistake. Cast-iron pans are easy to cook recipes. So, put a cast-iron skillet to finish awesome dinner favorites.

Use Towel On Cutting Board

Put a wet towel underneath your cutting board, it’s a genius hack for beginners. By damping a cloth towel or paper, you stop sliding while preparing vegetables.

Don’t Forget To Taste

Most cooks don’t taste recipe after cooking. Tasting the recipe is a guaranteed way to make the recipe delicious and yummy. Seasoning matters equally.

Keep Pans At Low Heat

Most cooks keep pans at high heat and end up sticking food to the pan. You can avoid this by warming up the pan for 5-10 minutes before you cook.

Never Overlook Your Pantry

Top chefs say one of the most common cooking challenges is not having the right ingredients in your pantry. So, if you want to create recipes, you have to fill your pantry with foods like canned goods, a stockpile of dry goods, etc.

Have A Microplane

Microplane is worth buying as it gets your job done in seconds. It’s a great tool for grating citrus zest, cheese, garlic, and more. So, go to your favorite grocery and have this handy tool.


Now you know some of the restaurant secrets that can transform your home cooking into a five-star one. Say goodbye to old cooking habits, and try these.

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