7 Fitness Myths That Can Damage Your Health

7 Fitness Myths That Can Damage Your Health

Is your fitness routine sabotaging your health? It’s a fact that a fitness routine can slim you down, boost your mood, and tone your up. But there are lots of dos and don’ts that often gets ignored. This can bring discouraging results, and even damage your health badly. Here’s a detailed guide on 7 popular fitness myths that are sabotaging your health every single day. This will allow you to know which tips to follow and which should be avoided.

Popular Fitness Myths

Morning Is Best Time For Workouts

You might have many times; morning is the best or optimal time for workouts. However, it’s definitely not true. Those hours that made you feel ready are the best hours. It may be hitting the gym in the evening or go running in the morning. Consistency is important that makes a real difference between the two above.

Skipping A Week Of Exercising Is Ok

As it is already mentioned above, consistency is important. You start losing muscle tone if you take a break or skip exercising straight for a week. This way you won’t be able to achieve the desired results. Moreover, you are more likely to give up soon.

Marathon Or Nothing

This is definitely not true. The only way to stay fit is by running long distances. In addition to this, light exercises such as walking or jogging show better results. It improves your vascular and heart system functioning.

Workouts Make You Hungry

Have you ever felt real hunger after coming out of the gym? If yes, something went wrong. Exercises suppress hunger, they don’t boost it. It’s because physical exercise works on a hormonal level (slowing down hunger hormones).

Running Damages Your Ankles And Knees

This is one of the most common misconceptions among people. The latest studies show running won’t harm your ankles and knees rather makes them stronger. Thus, making it less susceptible to dangerous injuries.

Avoid Parks

Most people feel an intense urge toward treadmill running than jogging in parks. But the fact is, jogging in the morning air charges your mood. It burns 10% extra calories compared to treadmill running.

The More You Exercise, The Better

Doctors say overdoing workout won’t keep you in shape. It’s because our body requires time for recovery after hitting the gym or workout. In addition to this, eating habits also matters the most.

These are the 7 popular fitness myths that can damage your health badly. Instead, take time to figure out when your body is ready for a workout. It will refuel your fitness routine and bring fruitful results.   

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