5 Basic Cooking Hacks You Should Know

5 Basic Cooking Hacks You Should Know

Did you know the cooking choices you make are connected to how the meal will taste? You might not be a talented cook who is an expert in cooking. Don’t worry, there are lots of people like you who want to cook naturally. No matter how confusing cooking seems, you will be able to improve your cooking game using these 5 basic cooking hacks. They are the most useful and helpful cooking hacks. You will love to incorporate those hacks in your day-to-day cooking. Let’s get started.

Basic Cooking Hacks

Freeze Herbs

Did you know how top cooking experts are able to keep a blend of herbs fresh that are created by them? The answer is by using a permanent storage solution.

The first thing you need to do is dry your blend of herbs and put it in the microwave. Let it be there for 20 seconds so that it becomes completely dry. The next thing to do is crush them up, store them, and use them when needed.

Put Eggs In The Fridge Before Peeling

Had it ever happened boiled eggs seems notoriously difficult to get peeled off? Then you need to try this hack. Old eggs are easy to peel compared to fresh ones. So, put it in the fridge for one week in advance so that you can make the most out of it.

Soak Eggs In Vinegar For Making Poached Eggs

If you wish to make perfect poached eggs, then you need to soak them in vinegar. Let it be there for several minutes, and use it.

Use Protein Powder For Healthy Snacks

If you want to try a healthy snack, incorporate protein powder, oat flour, almond milk. All these are healthy ingredients that can make view dessert awesome.

Put Cream In A Bag

Before you put the cream into a fridge, make sure you put cream in a bag. The plastic zip lock enables the cream to maintain its flavor and taste.

These are the top 5 basic cooking hacks you should know and use to make cooking easier. I hope you like this new-found skill and will use it to cook a decent meal.


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