20 Unbelievable Facts About Ocean

20 Unbelievable Facts About Ocean

You must have heard that most of our planet’s surface is covered by Ocean.  What you might not know is that sea waves move at 100s of miles/hour. or that depths of the Ocean are home to trillions of gold. Just like that, let’s know about some incredible ocean facts that will blow your mind.

  • The largest sea in the world is the South China Sea, with ​​29,74,600 square kilometers.
  • The Pacific Ocean is the deepest in the world. Its average depth is 3939 meters. Its maximum depth in the Mariana Trench is 10900 m.
  • The Dead Sea is the only sea in the world that is spread over the lowest area. It is 48 miles long and 11 miles wide.
  • In the beginning, the sun and stars were used to know the direction of the sea.
  • In 2011, a mysterious object was found in the foothills of the Baltic Sea, which is said to have magical powers, due to which diving equipment around it stops working. People believe that this is a spaceship of space creatures, which fell into the sea after the accident.

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  • The Dead Sea is the only sea in the world whose water is about 6-7 times more salty and heavier (about 7 percent) than other seas.
  • If the seawater were not salty, the hot regions would become hotter, and the cold regions would become colder.
  • Had the seawater been sweet, the monsoon would not have risen from the Bay of Bengal and moved towards North India.
  • According to experts, today’s scientists have understood the information of the universe but have understood the information of the ocean very little.
  • There is so much salt in the seawater that if the water of the whole ocean dries up, a layer of salt 500 feet thick can be spread all over the earth.
  • The salinity of seawater is due to the solid sodium chloride.

  • The Indian Ocean is the warmest in the world.
  • The surface water temperature of the Indian Ocean sometimes reaches 36.6 degrees Celsius.
  • The name “Pacific” of the Pacific Ocean means “peaceful.”
  • When people first saw the Pacific Ocean, they found it very calm, due to which it was named “Pacific.”
  • One gram of gold is found in 13 billion parts of one liter of seawater.
  • People around the world know only about 5 percent of the ocean. 95 percent of the ocean is still unknown to us. The ocean has hidden many mysterious secrets inside itself.
  • There are many amazing animals, rare plants, and surprising bacteria present inside the sea.
  • Scientists believe that more than 2 lakh species of animals roam in the sea.
  • 35,000 species of bacteria, 5,000 species of viruses, and about 1.5 lakh new unicellular plants have been discovered in ocean waters.

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