20 Hilarious Mirzapur Meme Templates

20 Hilarious Mirzapur Meme Templates

Mirzapur which was the third original Indian web series released by Amazon has become one of the most loved series. Mirzapur was able to win several hearts with its amazing script, dialogues, scenes, and engaging plot. The series had the best dialogues making them the best meme material. In this article, we have given you the 20 most hilarious and famous Mirzapur Memes Templates. So check the article and enjoy.

Mirzapur Meme Templates

(i) Wherever someone INSULTS your friend in front of you

Le you: “Ch*tiya hain woh important nahi, hamara beta hain, who important hain”

pankaj tripathi meme template

(ii) When someone reminds the teacher of a class test

Le Backbenchers: “Bh*sdiwalo ko zinda pakadna hai”

(iii) When your friend comes to your house just for Diwali ki mithai

Le You: “Toh bh*sdike tum iske liye humare darwaje pe chale aaye”

kaleen bhaiiya meme templates

(iv) When you see many people making reels/tik-tok in a public park

Le You: “Kya hai na shehar madarch*do se bhar gaya hai”

mirzapur meme templates

(v) When you score full marks on your test

Le You: “Ab humko chahiye full izzat”

(vi) When your crush is in relation with a chapri guy instead of you

Le You: “Bahut takleef hoti hai jab aap yogya ho aur log aap ki yogyata na pehchane”

(vii) When your friend of wasting all his time on some random girl

Le You: “Bishuddh ch*tiye ladke ho tum chup raho”

kaleen bhaiiya famous meme

(viii) 5 – 6 years old me licking zalzira for the first time

Le Me: “Abe bawaal chiz hai be, sala system hil jata hai”

(ix) Every time your father sees you using mobile

Le Father: “Abe padhai likhai kro IAS~YAS bano”

(x) When you watch random food vloggers trying weird Street food

Le Your Mind: “Bh*sdike”

(xi) When you listen random music from barat when you are studying a day before exam

Le You: “Music Band Kar Madarch*d”

(xii) POV: Single you watching random couples on street

Le You: “Jindagi Ho To Aisi Ho Jinda To Jhat Ke Baal Bhi Hai”

(xiii) 20 years old me to myself when i solve 5th class math problem: “Bhudhi bahut tej hai tumhari”

(xiv) Network marketing people all over on social media: “Humko join karlo”

(xv) Dogs barking on new dogs on street be like:

“Ye hamara ilaka hai bh**dike”

(xvi) Shopkeeper: ek ke saath ek free offer hai

Me: theek hai, toh free wala de do bas

Shopkeeper: “Bade harami ho beta”

(xvii) When Tik Tok was banned in India

Le Instagram To Tik Tokers: “Hum karte hai pratibandh aap chinta mat kijiye”

(xviii) 12 class PCM/PCB students explaining newly 10 passed students taking PCM/PCB in 11

be like: “Ham Bhi Pele Gaye The Tum Bhi Pele Jaoge”

(xix) Whenever you come to know that your friend hid a secret from you

Le you: “Dekhiye aap hamare purane mitra hai”

(xx) Overthinking me every night:

“Papa ko lagta hai ham chutiye hai”

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Last Words

We have mentioned to you some of the best Mirzapur Meme Templates. Hopefully you might have loved and enjoyed the post.

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