10 Ways To Make Money With Memes

10 Ways To Make Money With Memes

Memes have become one of the best ways to spread news, make or follow trends, etc. We all enjoy memes in our daily life but do you know there are some ways by which you can make money through memes? In this article, we are going to mention the best 10 Ways to Make Money with Memes. So check out the article and learn about these ways to earn money.

10 Ways To Make Money With Memes

Check out the ways to make money with memes:

(i) Instagram Meme Page

It is the most famous and competitive way to make money with memes at present time. There are two ways to make money using an Instagram page. First, you can create your Instagram Meme Page, gain followers, and then you can then sell sponsored posts or ads. Or you can even sell Meme merchandise through your Instagram Meme Page.

(ii) Social Media Management

You can get the opportunity if you have a great meme mindset. If you are a great meme creator you can get the opportunity to work for any brand etc making memes for their social media handle and getting paid for it. You might have seen many brands/companies and even platforms like YouTube, etc sharing memes on their other social media pages.

(iii) Make Youtube Meme Compilations

This is another famous method that is followed by many in today’s time. You can create a YouTube channel where you can upload Meme compilation videos. After a certain time, you will get a YouTube monetization and will get the ad revenue. You can even sell sponsorships which you can add to your YouTube videos.

(iv) Make A Meme-Based Game

It is an interesting idea to build a meme-based game including popular social media concepts.

(v) Funnel Traffic

To A Blog You can use memes to grow an audience, then you can funnel traffic to a money-making blog.

(iv) Open Meme ETSY Shop

ETSY is a competitive marketplace where you need to spend time building your reviews and store reputation. Once you get some reputation you are all set to earn through memes.

(vii) Sell Meme NFTS

People have sold memes like Bad Luck Brian, Disaster Girl, and Success Kid, and you can also try to mint your own meme NFTs and list them on various marketplaces.

(viii) Zazzle, Redbubble, & Other POD Stores

Products like mugs, clothing, wall art, stickers, bags, and more are popular POD products that you can sell and earn through it. Zazzle, Redbubble, & Other POD Stores help you to earn through these products.

(ix) Fiverr Meme Gigs

Take some time to attract clients on Fiverr, get positive reviews for your seller profile and then you can easily earn through Fiverr.

(x) Try PicturePunches.com

The idea behind PicturePunches is just simple, you will get paid when people view the memes of your post. PicturePunches can be compared to YouTube. You get paid for the ad as per the advertisement that is shown on PicturePunches.

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Last Words

At today’s time you cannot just fully depend on meme making to earn but you can try the above mentioned 10 Ways To Make Money With Memes. At last it will be your fate if you get a chance in your life to get fully dependent on memes to earn. Hopefully you might have enjoyed reading the article.

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