10 extraordinary Ideas For a Perfect Lockdown Wedding

10 extraordinary Ideas For a Perfect Lockdown Wedding

Even if lavish weddings aren’t as frequent as they once were, there’s no reason why a couple can’t marry during the lockdown. A minimum of roughly 10-15 people who are extremely close to the bride and groom, or a micro-wedding with less than 50 guests, are two options.

All required is that one adhere to social distancing standards and follow all of the government’s rules and regulations to ensure all parties’ safety. This information will be useful if you are arranging a minimum or micro-wedding in your home. We offer some suggestions that are appropriate for today’s weddings. Continue reading without further ado.

First and foremost, there is safety

After you’ve prepared your guest list, the most crucial thing to remember about the ceremony is that the site – whether it’s your living room, terrace, or lawn – is fully cleansed and sanitized before the visitors arrive. If you want to host multiple functions on the same day, make sure to schedule them to have enough time to change the decor and sanitize the venue. Keep the decor simple so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort setting it up. Instead, concentrate on providing guests with a great experience.

Invites from the Internet

Go paperless with beautiful digital wedding cards and send them to your guests online during the lockdown and once things are back on track. Send a virtual photo wedding card to people who are unable to attend the ceremony.

Bachelorette Party at Home in the Event of a Pandemic

There’s no reason you can’t have a fancy night in at home. Grab the drinks, plan a themed game night, and make everyone seem like a boss with a strict dress code. Some members of your group may be unable to attend; in this case, a small video clip reflecting their greatest experiences with the bride/groom can be recorded. You might even go camping by erecting tents in the exterior spaces of your home! However, remember to sleep in separate tents if you fall asleep, which is unlikely to happen.

Performances by Different Dancers

In your lockdown wedding, say no to DJs and group dances because they are against the rules. Rather, close friends and family members should prepare separate dance performances depicting their memories of the couple, followed by a personal awards night where titles such as Dancing Queen, Best Couple, Best Dressed, etc., out using DIY sachets and stylish masks. Mark red spots on the dance floor if two or more people dance together to keep track of social distancing.

Streaming live

Everyone has family and acquaintances who have dreamed of marrying since they were children and who need to know where your wedding will be held. So, go for a digital-first strategy and have your wedding videotaped with a tripod near the ceremony, and allow your guests to view it live by setting a schedule of what needs to be broadcasted. Giving details about conversations, texts, or even photographs through Livestream appears to be a lot more genuine. Send hampers personalized sanitizers, masks, t-shirts, and other items to a family who could not attend the ceremonies for various reasons.

Opt for Floral Jewellery and Handmade Garlands

Make stunning handmade garlands that can be cherished and remembered for a lifetime to make the lockdown wedding creative while being safe. Fabric, paper, or even stockings and a wire can be used to make garlands. Make fashionable floral jewelry with beautiful flowers for the Haldi event and spring wedding showers. By putting the stockings on the wire loops and then giving those garlands and jewelry forms, you can construct many beautiful nylon flowers.

Custom made Masks

Isn’t it the new normal to buy matching masks instead of accessories? Provide bespoke wedding masks to your guests in addition to matching the masks to the wedding clothing. You can put them in attractive bags on either side of the reception hall. The masks can be themed or personalized for the bride and groom’s families. Furthermore, using the couple’s name mesh to create similar face masks would be a fantastic idea for all guests.

At Home Mehendi Stage Decor

Do you know what the bangle ceremony is all about? You may make a fantastic event at home by combining the Mehendi, Haldi, and Bangle ceremonies. Decorate the stage with bangles that will be utilized for the bangle ceremony, in which all females will wear bangles of their choice and sizes. With the help of fairy lights, fold colored papers to create a selfie corner. Furthermore, the bride can create a curtain trend that is simple to build with colorful chiffon and satin curtains, particularly olive green and yellow, to match the ceremonies.

Evening Ceremonies Outdoor Décor

If you’re having an evening ceremony on a lawn or an open-air patio, you can decorate the site with lanterns, candles, and fairy lights, as well as live counters or food vendors to create a dreamy atmosphere. Remember to establish a safe space between the guests and the seating arrangements.

Stations for sanitization should be set up

As we all know, there are numerous methods for the virus to spread among the guests. As a result, hand sanitizers should be available in as many places as possible so that guests can use them every time they contact something or someone. Arrange unique sanitizer bottles that match the theme and have intriguing quotations on them to entice people to use them. You can also give each guest a bottle as a welcome gift, which will make them feel special while also ensuring their safety. Avoid allowing guests to use cell phones, as handing the phone over to others for pictures may contribute to the virus’s spread.


Planning an amazing weekday wedding with no more than 30 guests is possible if you follow the lockdown wedding principles and take adequate safety precautions. Many event organizers have been marketing small-scale weddings in homes and marriage halls with no more than 30 guests, including workers.

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