10 Hot controversies Made Sensual Poonam Pandey The “Controversy Queen”

10 Hot controversies Made Sensual Poonam Pandey The “Controversy Queen”

Poonam Pandey, a model-actress, is no stranger to scandals in the entertainment industry. She is known as controversial queen. Sometimes it’s because of her seducing poses, and other times it’s because of her controversial words. She is also known as the most divisive celebrity. Let’s take a look at Poonam Pandey’s top ten scandals so far.

On triumph, she will go naked:

Poonam Panday

When Poonam Pandey claimed in 2011 that if Team India wins the World Cup, she will be nude, she sparked a firestorm of controversy. Although Team India eventually won, she did not go nude.

Release of a Vulgar Song:

On Christmas Day, Poonam Pandey gave her fans a fantastic present. He’d written a song of his own. People were caught aback by his music because it was far more profane than the norm.

The Lovemaking Scene Has Gone Viral:

Poonam also proved her worth in Bollywood. Nasha was her first film. She was also mired in issues at the time. Her lovemaking and intense sex scene became viral on YouTube before the film’s premiere.

The winner in the bikini category:

Poonam used an unusual method to advertise the film Nasha. Poonam had organized a contest in which the person who sent her the most romantic message on Valentine’s Day would win Poonam’s bikini prize from the film Nasha.

Want to get dirty:

Poonam Pandey has also been embroiled in controversy over her treatment of writer TaslimaNasreen. Poonam is still unsatisfied with Taslima’s comment about her being nude. She’d instead do something naughtier than this.

Will remove clothing:

Poonam also had a Twitter feud with actress Chitrangada Singh. Poonam can’t be messed with, according to Chitrangada. Even for kabaddi matches, she can now remove her garments.

Private Bathroom Dance

Poonam once posted a video of her private bathroom dance on YouTube. His video was incendiary. She was dancing in the restroom at the time. Because of the controversy, YouTube later blocked the video.

Most Looked For:

Poonam awestruck viewers once more. When it was revealed that she was the most searched celebrity on Google in 2012, she was overjoyed. Throughout the year, many people looked for gorgeous actress Poonam Pandey.

Yoga that’s both hot and sexy:

Poonam also presented her admirers with a lovely yoga gift. Last year, he published a sizzling and seductive yoga video. In this, she is shown practicing yoga while moving in a scorching environment.

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Arrested for obscene acts:

Even after the Mumbai Police detained her, Poonam remained in the news. Poonam, who arrived in tight clothes on Mumbai’s Mira Road, performed several lewd behaviors in front of the public.


This 24-year-old model turned actress is from Delhi and is one of the celebrities that rose to fame due to controversy. She has appeared in a few Telugu and Bollywood films, but none of them have workedwell on the big screen. However, she is one of the most controversial  celebrities on Twitter and in B-town. However, Poonam Pandey’s actions have caused criticism. We still have no right to pass judgment on her. It is, after all, her life.


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