10 Best Anime Based Video Games To Watch In 2022

10 Best Anime Based Video Games To Watch In 2022

It’s been so long since anime and games worked together. People love to watch games based on any animation series. People find games more enjoyable and worth watching when they are already a fan of the animation series. There are a lot of anime-based games available for people to enjoy but every game has its taste. If you are the one who is trying to find the best anime-based game to watch and are confused between the variety of games available then you must know that you are at the perfect place. In this article, we are going to share with you the information about the 10 Best Anime-Based Video Games To Watch In 2022. So to know about some of the best anime-based games you must check the given list.

Best Anime Based Video Games

Pokemon – 7.65

(Available on: The Verge)


The Pokemon series was first launched in 1996. The series was released by ‘The Verge’. With the release of the Pokemon series, it didn’t take a long time to get popularised in Japan, it just took Japan by storm. And its popularity quickly spread throughout the world.

Final Fantasy – 7.99

(Available on: PC Gamer)

Final Fantasy

This series is considered to be one of the best in games. There are very good versions and 15 major series of games available.

Steins; Gate – 9.11

(Available on: CBR)

Steins; Gate

The Steins; Gate series is one of the most successful series in the world which contains a season of 12 episodes.

Persona – 7.54


Persona is one of the series which took a little time to get the recognition. It took almost a quarter of a century to get the recognition and it is known as one of the best series. It has great games and familiar anime to enjoy.

Fate/ Stay Night – 8.21

(Available on: Netflix)

Fate/ Stay Night

It is one of the best anime which has evolved generation over generation. Some movies and episodes from the series have even got nine ratings on MyAnimeList.

Inazuma Eleven -7.58

Inazuma Eleven

It is the best example showing the popularity of sports anime. The series is based on a sport, football which goes surprisingly well.

Tales – 7.48

(Available on: Rock Paper Shotgun)


It is a drama series that is one of the best in this genre. Ufotable Animation Studios, the creator of this anime was the final OVA of the series and starred in it.

Danganronpa – 7.53

(Available on: USgamer)


The series worked amazingly in Japan but sadly it did not start in the West. It has a combination of different genres which gives a completely different feel.

Valkyria Chronicles – 7.64

(Available on: USgamer)

Valkyria Chronicles

The series is designed with the two themes and with the progress of the story, many of the series’ jokes will be lost. The story is quite predictable as it is based on war.

Dragon Quest – 7.65

(Available on: GamesRadar)

Dragon Quest

The series is one of the best and longest-running video game series of all time. The series is created by Toy Animation which is the studio that also created the Dragon Ball anime. Fans of Dragon Ball anime will feel the same artistic style in the series.

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We have mentioned the 10 Best Anime-Based Video Games To Watch In 2022. The list is made by collecting information from different places to give you the best experience anime based games to watch. Hope you might have found this amazing game series list amazing.

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